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About us

Welcome to Legal Business Systems and Solutions

Comprehensive legal support for legal firms — Support practice management system and CRM, integrate third-party services, integrate your precedents and workflows to make processes efficient!

With over two decades of serving in Legal Practice Management, Legal Business Systems and Solutions (LBSS) is proud to establish itself as one of the leaders of legal systems and innovative practices. For us, innovation goes more than just products or services. It means improving the entire process to meet the needs of legal practices, saving time and money, and driving maximum efficiency.

We take specifics of your business into account and then develop individual cases of legal support along with solutions. At Legal Business Systems, we are not interested in selling you the latest techno gizmo – instead – we listen to your business problem and offer strategies to resolve the root cause resulting in achieving overall organisational objectives.

Whether you are seeking a new practice management system or looking for better ways of managing your existing systems, procedures, and processes, we are here to help increase profitability and guide your firm into the right direction.


Our mission is to deliver the best service and make the most of market-proven strategies to incite and implement solutions to evolve your business well.


Here are several reasons you can depend on LBSS to have your business up and operating as you want!

Comprehensive Assistance

Serving any legal organisation is a HUGE responsibility that we take seriously. It takes dedication, good communication, perfection, and market-proven practices to serve a company better. Fortunately, we own every skill needed to help your business stand well in the competitive market.

Reliable Solutions

The intent behind LBSS is to strive hard for firms who expect from us. When you put your faith on LBSS, we make every effort to offer peace of mind and help to solve the existing organisational and technology problems that you are dealing with.

A Proven Track Record

When it comes to customer satisfaction, we can prove and show you how we deliver peace of mind, shorter downtime, faster problem resolution, data protection, money savings, streamlined communications, and integrity in management for you.