How much time and money could your Firm save with proper Precedent Integration with either your existing or new Practice Management System?

If precedent production and maintaining the currency of your legal forms and precedents consumes too much of your time, you are in the right place. Save more than 30% of the time you spend on document production using error-free and up-to-date templates generated by Softdocs’ smart technology.

Calculate how much time you could save with Softdocs?

Softdocs provides a comprehensive set of standard legal forms and precedents, sourced from client partners and relevant jurisdictional resources. Their precedents are regularly updated. You can also develop your own in-house precedents with a Hotdocs Developer Licence.

For more than 30 years Softdocs has been helping legal professionals across the country build high quality forms and precedents with ease and precision.

At LBSS we can provide you with assistance in implementing the integration process with your existing practice management software or provide you with the perfect solution to integrate and automate the process best for your practice.

Contact Legal Business Systems and Solutions for more information on how we can help you integrate with your existing practice management systems or chat to us about upgrading to newer technology so you can have an all in all automated and effecient system.