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Systems & Solutions

Practice Management Systems and Solutions Support

Our practice management systems and solutions support helps you find the right system to precisely capture data and manage information to augment cash flow. Any organisation can make the most of a good practice management system, as it can systematise daily legal tasks, capture and maintain client and contact data, track important deadlines, perform billing tasks, manage matters and documents, generate reports, sync client data and information across multiple servers or practices, and create portals for clients to access. Offering strategic solutions to optimise efficiency in service provisions, we also provide the stability companies are typically looking for.

  • Design, develop, implement or evaluate business support systems and processes including print and telecommunication solutions;
  • Identify and implement solutions to optimise efficiency in legal service provisions and cost-effective resource management;
  • Ensure compliance with legal and organisational requirements; and
  • Provide software support, guidance, training and maintenance.
Practice Management Systems and Solutions Support
Workflow and Precedent Management

Workflow and Precedent Management

Our intent is to improve the profitability of legal firms, we offer a workflow and precedent management solution for collaboration, automation, and synchronisation of single or several processes. It helps streamline the tasks in order to boost productivity and ensure the follow-up of uncompleted tasks along the process chain.

Intended to improve the profitability of your brand, our comprehensive workflow and precedent management services can provide transformative values to your business. Along with consultation or service, we also provide or recommend technology solutions to help you successfully implement workflow and precedent changes within your existing practice management system.

  • We can expedite the setup, execution, and monitoring of the organisations processes;
  • We can review existing precedents and document automation requirements;
  • To get better control of both standard and specific workflow processes; and
  • To ensure that process and workflows across human and automated tasks are synced.

Quality Assurance and Policy Management

Fostering the vision be one-shop support for companies to meet the highest quality and safety standards in the world, we come up with the robust quality solutions personalised to the meticulous and unique needs of each challenge your organisation deals with. To translate our vision into reality, we take time to understand your business, where your business stands, what your business needs, and come up with strategic solutions that help your business evolve well in the market. As Quality Assurance leaders for more than a decade, we ensure your organisation meets specified requirements.

  • Credit control, quality debt recovery and cash flow management services for legal firms;
  • Routine surveys to measure customer feedback;
  • Regular reviews of internal management and matter processes and procedures; and
  • Review of the performance and cost effectiveness of suppliers.
Quality Assurance and Policy Management

Procedural Policy Writing

Are Your Current policies & Procedures ready to comply with specific rules or standards? If not, we’re here to assist you!

We understand that Procedural Policies are crucial when it comes to guiding employees toward the firm’s stated objectives and strategies. It serves the firm’s objectives and lays out what management wants employees to do and explains why it’s important. At Legal Business Systems and Solutions, we are specialised in Procedural Policy Writing. We are capable of writing individually tailored policies and procedures covering a range of different functions for your business.

Marketing and Distribution Support

Take your organisation to the next level with our digital marketing services!

We are proficient and experienced enough to offer you digital presence in this competitive era. Our smart marketers know how to help you overcome the marketing challenges and provide solutions related to making the most of your online reach. Master in implementing numerous strategies effective for your business to evolve well in the market, we are able to create a perfect mix of these strategies to bring success. From SMO to SEO, SMM, ORM, PPC, content marketing and anything you need for your business website reaches the top in the search engine, we do extremely well at every aspect of online marketing.

  • Design, implement, examine and analyse online marketing and distribution plan including social media;
  • Oversee the delivery of your marketing strategy with the marketing team; and
  • Coordinate the design of marketing materials.
Marketing and Distribution Support
Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management

At LBSS we are responsible for lending a hand to your workforce when it comes to developing their careers and, at the same time, contribute to the success of the firm. The main function of our Human Resources Management Service is to catch the attention and retain staff, whose skills are in line with the operational priorities of the firm.

Along with playing an important role in the success of the firm, we strive hard to nurture a continuous learning culture, proficiency development and professional excellence to meet the dynamic needs of the firm.

We can provide the following advice:

  • Advice and guidance in the development of Human Resource policies, processes, and procedures;
  • The identification of individual needs and development of positive interactions to guarantee good productivity in the firm;
  • The performance evaluations of each of the employees of the firm, so that these can serve as a basis for any promotion, in the same way, identify the areas that have certain weaknesses to institute corrective measures; and
  • Recruitment of the required workforce and to find the most suitable person to fill the required position.

Third Party Services

Legal Business Systems and Solutions (LBSS) can be your one-stop shop solution provider from solving complex problems your firm is facing to providing strategic solutions. For nearly every organisational problem, you can rely on LBSS. Unfortunately, the administration and maintenance of such systems require external assistance. To ensure you get the most of your accounting or practice management system, a third-party service provider is considerably one of the best options we opt. There are many benefits to working with a third-party service provider. Some of these third party services include:

  • Live Chat – Nuture Leads with Real-Time Chat from your Website;
  • Softdocs – Generate contracts, letters and documents quickly and feel confident your templates are always kept up to date with the ability to integrate your database with many major practice management systems;
  • Vision 6 and Mailchimp – Email Marketing and Automation Software; and
  • Formidable and FastField Online Forms – Build Complex Forms with Conditional Logic and Calculations.